Ryan Slobojan

Managing Director

Ryan Slobojan

Ryan has been doing software development in one form or another since he first stumbled upon Turbo Pascal when he was 16 and used it to write BBS programs.

Before joining RoundTrip Networks, Ryan was a key member of the development team at Codesta, a change-oriented software development and design firm. In that capacity he worked with numerous technologies with a range of clients. Previous to that, Ryan also worked in the professional services department of iAnywhere Solutions and in a variety of roles at MKS.

Ryan is the Chief Editor of InfoQ.com, where he manages a worldwide team of industry experts and contributors, and helps to expand the reach of InfoQ into new areas. In addition to communicating with many leaders from all aspects of the software industry, Ryan also has been a track host at the previous two QCon conferences and will continue to play a role in future conferences and events hosted by InfoQ.

Ryan thrives on the dual challenges of working together with customers and solving a wide variety of problems. From low-level USB communication in C++ through prototyping a Flex-based Rich Internet Application and into helping to reengineer a major high-traffic website built in Java, Ryan has not yet run into a problem or technology that he does not like. His experience has taught him that the keys to a successful engagement are trust, communication, hard work and close collaboration - to this end, he is a strong believer in the values behind the Agile software development methodologies and Lean principles.

Ryan holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Waterloo and has an accompanying Philosophy minor.