Greg Norton

Linux / Unix / Solaris Systems Administrator

Greg Norton

Greg has been using and administering Linux environments for over 18 years.

He first discovered and installed Slackware Linux 3.0 in 1996, where he used it to provide on-demand internet access via dialup to a multi-desktop environment in his home.

Prior to joining RoundTrip Networks, Greg worked with operations & desktop IT for J.D. Barnes, a Geographic Information Services company. During his decade spent with the company he worked with numerous specific and customized technologies for the surveying & mapping field, and was eventually promoted to an Operations role within the company. It was here where Greg first learned to apply his desire for automation in a professional context, as he helped to maintain and automate several in-house Linux and Windows-based application processes to support the many divisions within the company.

As a core member of the RoundTrip Networks team, Greg's focus is on building & maintaining Linux and Solaris systems. As he does this, he also relentlessly automates all aspects of system configuration and deployment, so that direct human intervention in configured systems is a rare exception rather than the rule. Whether it be automating installation and configuration of web, database and service tiers or building one-step release processes for client web applications, Greg has done it several times before and has numerous tools at his disposal (such as Puppet and Capistrano) to ensure that once he finishes with a server, it becomes fully self-managing.