Geoff Sears

Database Administrator

Geoff Sears

Geoff Sears discovered the Internet when constructing a networked bulletin-board system between the Philippines and Hong Kong in 1987.

Abandoning the intended career as a mechnical and civil engineer, he spent ten years building and managing the Institute for Global Communications, a non-profit Internet Service Provider with worldwide operations, including technically-challenging places like the former Soviet Union and Central America.

If Geoff's not answering the phone, he's probably on Mt. Hood, where he's a member of the ski patrol.

In 1998, tired of extensive travel and fund-raising responsibilities, Geoff left management, started a consulting company, and began working with Oracle databases. In the course of a consulting project setting up database servers and building an e-commerce back-end, a long-term relationship with Babycenter, Inc. was born in 1999. This has lead to extensive work with both Oracle and MySQL databases, with the ocassional foray into MS SQL Server and Postgresql.