Dan Ballinger

Network Engineer / Systems Administrator

Dan Ballinger

Dan Ballinger has been involved in network engineering and UNIX/Linux systems administration for over 20 years. His main focus of attention is building networks maximizing redundancy and scalability while minimizing design complexity.

Prior to working at RoundTrip Networks, Dan helped build and operate networks at well-known Internet/online companies such as OpenTable, OpenTV and Wink Communications. Earlier in his career he worked for Pilot Network Services, the Clorox Company, and World Savings and Loan.

Dan has acted as technical lead for numerous teams. He is renowned for his ability to plan operations with attention to every detail, as well as careful execution.

As is typical in network engineering and operations, Dan has been responsible to setup network monitoring and supporting systems, thus developing UNIX/Linux systems administration skills. Dan has extensive experience working with network support tools such as Nagios, RANCID, Cacti, Cricket and MRTG, and Netflow/Nfsen among others. He has also been responsible for traditional systems administration duties: Windows servers administration, Netapp network storage systems, Vmware virtualization as well as cloud-based infrastructures.

Dan grew up in Cody, Wyoming near the east entrance to Yellowstone Park. He went to Northwest College, then to Montana State University where he graduated in 1988 with a Computer Sciences degree.

Dan currently lives in Alameda in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a high-level expert in the art of BBQing. Dan's Legendary Summer BBQ Party is internationally acclaimed, invitations to the event are highly coveted.