Bob Stiles

Managing Director / Founder

Bob Stiles

Bob Stiles has been involved in web-based software architecture, and website operations for over 18 years. Bob has extensive experience in software architecture and development, scaling web site operations, release management, automated cloud provisioning, and database management.

Bob is known for his ability to bring together stakeholders throughout an organization, and translating business requirements into an actionable plan for development teams. He advocates for agile practices (Scrum, Tracer Bullet Development, CI, others), and excels at providing the bridge between development and operation teams.

Bob has experience working with more computer languages than he can count with two hands. He has worked on a wide variety of online services: eCommerce, live and batch credit card processing, customer service portals, social media, content-based (paid and free), marketing sites, SAAS, genome informatics, sensor-data geographical systems, educational platforms, mobile platforms.

Before working for RoundTrip Networks, Bob served as Director of Engineering for BabyCenter, a Johnson & Johnson company, and the leading destination on the Internet for new and expectant parents, together with its companion site Bob architected and developed software for a number of high profile websites, including,, Johnson's Baby and BabyCentre UK.

Prior to BabyCenter, Bob served as Software Developer at Chemical Safety, an environmental services company.

Earlier in his career Bob worked in the technology support group at UPS, installing and configuring networks, Novell Directory Services servers and clients, among other systems.

Bob holds a B.S. in Software Engineering from San Francisco State University.