You may have done business with a web software consulting company that developed the code and ran away. The developers were knowledgeable, but did not fully understand the concept of a software product that needed to be available in a 24x7 fashion. In many cases, they have had minimal or no exposure to infrastructure operations.

Our belief

Creating outstanding web-based services requires finding a harmony between two requirements that appear at first glance to be mutually exclusive: the need for absolute service stability, and the need to rapidly react to changing requirements driven by business and customer needs.

Achieving this balance is difficult. It requires knowledge, and experience with both software development and infrastructure operations.

The capabilities of an outstanding web application are irrelevant if the application is compromised, or offline. The best infrastructure in the world won't help a poorly written web application. A first-class, change-friendly web appplication on a reliable, high-performance infrastructure is possible. We want to help you achieve that.

Our Approach

We have learned from experience that the key to managing the apparent paradox of service stability versus continuous improvement is a full-cycle approach.

The design phase should pay special attention to the behavior and manageability of the application when deployed to production

The production infrastructure should be carefully crafted to support and adapt to the changing nature of the application it is expected to host.

Essentially, we believe an outstanding web application is nothing without a solid operational infrastructure that guarantees its security, integrity and availability while enabling continuous and rapid development to meet evolving business needs.